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Buena Vista & Salida, Colorado


Our markets are open to Vendors who produce products that are locally-grown, harvested, gathered, made, assembled, or created. Our structure is designed to be as inclusive as possible. Read all Vendor Policies before you apply. If you think you'd be a good fit, please submit an application.

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Vendor Policies


Vendor category

+ Member-Vendor

Member-Vendors are welcomed and encouraged to participate in all 20 weeks of the Market season; 40 Markets total. The Member-Vendor option is designed for Vendors who would like to attend 4 Markets or more. Member-Vendors are Voting-Members.

  • $240.00 Annual Membership Fee [$12.00 per Market, paid at time of application]
  • +5% of Gross Market Sales Fee [paid at the end of each Market]
  • Single 10 X 10 booth space at "Home Market Location" of Vendor’s choice [Buena Vista or Salida]
  • Member-Vendors are encouraged to attend both Market locations
  • Member-Vendors are invited to attend a single, Second Market Location Market free, except for +5% of Gross Market Sales Fee
  • Attend both locations more than once, for a $25 Second Market Location Annual Fee
  • Member-Vendors are promoted on the Foodshed Alliance website, social media, and other marketing materials

+ Drop-In-Vendor

Drop-In-Vendors are welcomed to Market when space is available. The Drop-In-Vendor option is designed for Vendors who would like to attend 3 Markets or less. Drop-In-Vendors are Non-Voting-Members.

  • $50 daily Drop-In-Vendor Fee
  • +15% of Gross Market Sales Fee [paid at the end of each Market]
  • Maximum of 3 Drop-In Markets per year
  • If a 4th Market is desired, a Member-Vendor Fee is required
  • Any paid Drop-In-Vendor Fees [up to $150] will be applied towards the Member-Vendor-Fee [$90 differance]

+ Info-Vendor

Info-Vendors are welcomed to Market and are given two options to participate. Vendors may choose to attend as an Info-Vendor-Drop-In or an Info-Vendor-Member. Info-Vendors are Non-Voting-Members.

  • Info-Vendor-Drop-In
    • $25 daily Info-Vendor Fee
    • Unlimited Markets per year
    • When space is available
  • Info-Vendor-Non-Voting-Member
    • Non-Profit Organizations are offered a Non-Voting-Vendor-Memberships at a 50% discount for a grand total of $120
    • Unlimited Markets per year
    • Guaranteed space
  • Info-Vendors are not permitted to sell any products unless it is for non-profit fundraising purposes and the Board of Directors approves the products being sold in writing prior to Market
  • Foodshed Alliance values partnerships that align or connect with our vision and mission. We ask that Info-Vendors have a focus in at least one of the following areas:
    • Promotion of consumer support for local agriculture
    • Development of distribution channels for farm direct products
    • Preservation and stewardship of land: farm, ranch, open space, and water advocacy
    • Food, land and water policy advocacy focused on our region’s agricultural community
    • Diet and nutrition with an emphasis on local agriculture
    • Public outreach regarding sustainable farming/gardening practices

+ Performing-Artist

Performing-Artist are welcomed to enhance the Market atmosphere. We hire performing artists for all 40 Markets. The Performing-Artist-Vendor option is designed for performing artist who seek a free venue to perform, exposure and an appreciative audience.
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Vendor Procedures

+ All Vendors

  • All Vendors must submit an applicaion
  • All Vendor-Fees must be paid prior to Market
  • All supporting documentation must be received prior to Market
  • Vendors will be given a Market-Fee Form at the end of each Market, fill out and remit with payment
  • Vendors must honestly report all sales made at each Market

+ Approval & Denial

Foodshed Alliance Board of Directors [BOD] approve and deny all Vendors. Applicants who do not clearly meet the criteria will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. All approvals are at the sole discretion of the BOD. Approval/Denial will be corresponded via email.

+ Revocation of Approval

Approval can be revoked for failure to meet the guidelines and is at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Anyone who fails to comply with the Vendor policy may have her/his right to participate revoked with no refund of any fees. Any outstanding fees must be paid within seven days of the date of termination or collection procedures will be taken.


Vendor Type

+ Producer

Agricultural products that have been grown or raised by the producer. Vegetables, Fruits, Plants, Flowers, Fresh or Frozen Meat, Honey, Eggs etc.

+ Processor

Value Added products made from raw ingredients. Jams, Jellies, Nut Butters, Homemade Pet Snacks, Salves, Creams, Lotions, Soaps, Cheese, Brewers, Vintners, Pasta, Bread etc.

+ Concessionaire

Freshly made, prepared foods, available for immediate consumption at the Market.

+ Arts & Crafts

Authentic, original and created by the artist. Creations reviewed and accepted based on quality and uniqueness.

+ Other

Don’t fit into any of these categories? Describe your goods or services. [Massage, spa service, open to new ideas, etc.]


Fees & Payments

+ Gross Market Sales

All Vendors are required to pay a percentage of their daily sales to Foodshed Alliance at the end of each Market and before leaving for that day.

  • 5% Member-Vendors
  • 10% Drop-In-Vendors

At the end of every Market each Vendor will be given a form to fill out and remit with payment to Market Manager. Vendors must honestly report all sales made by the Vendor or Vendor’s agents.

+ Refunds

Unless a Vendor is not accepted into the Market[s] refunds are not given for any reason. A $50.00 processing fee will be retained for any refund given.

+ Sales Tax

  • All Vendors are responsible for handling their own sales taxes payments for all items sold at Market
  • All Vendors need to provide a copy of their current state sales tax license

+ Change

It is the Vendors responsibility to bring adequate change [bills and coins].

+ SNAP Program

  • All Vendors who sell products that qualify for purchase by food stamps must accept such payment
    • Breads & Cereals
    • Fruits & Vegetables
    • Meats, Fish, Poultry, Pork
    • Dairy Products
    • Seeds
    • Plants [which produce food to eat]
  • The Foodshed Alliance oversees the SNAP program and reimburses Vendors as requested
  • Daily Market-Fees should first be paid with any Coupons, any remaining balance should then be paid with cash
  • No change should be given from SNAP transactions
  • The SNAP program asks vendors to help facilitate this by rounding prices to whole dollars for SNAP sales

+ Double Up Food Bucks

  • All Vendors who sell products that qualify for purchase by Double Up must accept such payment
    • Fruits
    • Vegetable
  • The Foodshed Alliance oversees the Double Up program and reimburses Vendors as requested
  • Daily Market-Fees should first be paid with any Coupons, any remaining balance should then be paid with cash
  • No change should be given from Double Up transactions
  • The Double Up program asks vendors to help facilitate this by rounding prices to whole dollars for Double Up sales

+ Market Bucks/Debit Card ATM

  • The Market Manager will run debit transactions on a wireless terminal for customers and distribute Market Buck coupons in $5 increments to the customer; each Market Buck is equal to $5 cash
  • It is the Vendor’s responsibility to accept only Market Bucks for Foodshed Alliance Farmers Markets
  • Change can be given back for Market Bucks [e.g. If an item is $3.00 and the customer pays with a $5.00 Market Buck, $2.00 can be returned in cash]
  • Vendors must redeem all Market Bucks at the end of each Market day for use to pay a portion of the Market-Fees due
  • Market Bucks must be included in gross sales calculations to determine accurate Market-Fee

+ Credit Cards

  • Vendors are free to use any point of sale or consumer debit/credit card service that they deem fit to process cards
  • Credit card sales must be included in the Vendor’s total gross sales



+ Tent Dimensions

  • Each Vendor will receive a space large enough to accommodate a 10’x10’ tent
  • Additional 10’ x 10‘ spaces may be purchased [space permitting]
  • Member-Vendor Additional Space Fee is an annual fee of $25 per 10’x10’ area
  • Drop-In-Vendor Additional Space Fee is a per-Market fee of $10 per 10’x10’ area, per Market
  • All products and services offered must be contained within the allotted area

+ Tents & Weights

  • Vendors are required to use tents [generally 10’x10']
  • All tents must be in good repair and secured so they are stable against wind or bad weather
  • Weights are required on each corner of a tent
    • A minimum of 40 lbs. per corner is required
  • If a Vendor does not have adequate weights they will not be allowed to set up a tent

+ Sharing Booths

  • A 10’x10’ booth space may be shared by multiple Vendors
  • Each Vendor must be a Vendor-Member, Drop-In-Vendor or Info-Vendor
  • Each Vendor will need to have their own licenses and permits
  • Each Vendor will fill out a separate sales record form, and remit individual Market-Fees at the end of each Market day

+ Vehicle Spaces

  • Buena Vista
    • All vendors are required to park in Vendor-Parking
    • All parking spots will be assigned
    • $25 [$1.25 per Market] Annual Parking Fee
  • Salida
    • A very limited number of booth spaces will have adjoining vehicle space
    • $100 [5.00 per Market] Premium Booth Fee
    • First Come First Serve
  • Drop-in-Vendors are not eligible
  • Please indicate vehicle requests in your application

+ Electricity

  • 110-volt electricity is available
  • $35.00 annual fee for electric use
  • Vendors are responsible for the provision of their own electric cords



+ Market Start

  • Vendors must be set up and be ready to vend by the start time of each Market
  • Vendors should arrive as early as necessary to complete their set-up on time or at least one-half hour before the Market start time
  • Consistent late starts are grounds for revocation of Vendor approval
  • Occasional tardiness may be tolerated if the Market Manager is notified
  • 3 absences or latenesses without prior approval are grounds for revocation

+ Market End

  • Vendors must have booths broken down and cleaned up no more than 1 hour after the Market ends
  • No Vendor may break down and leave prior to one-half hour before the end of Market without the approval of the Market Manager



+ Cleanliness

  • Vendors are required to remove all trash and clean their respective sites within 1 hour of the end of each Market
  • Vendors are also required to have a trash receptacle available for customers, and maintain a neat and tidy site during Market hours
  • Hand washing stations are strongly encouraged for all food service Vendors or Vendors that pass out food samples
  • No pets or other animals are permitted at any vendors booth, except guide, service, or signal dogs, who meet the Colorado Disability Law regulations.

+ Absence

All Vendors must inform the Market Manager at least three days in advance if they will be absent from any given Farmers Market. Earlier is better. Exceptions will be made for emergencies.

+ Weather

The Market will operate “rain or shine,” except when weather poses a threat to the safety of Vendors and customers.

+ Enforcement

  • The Board of Directors and Market Manager have full authority and discretion to uphold and enforce Market rules and regulations.
  • Vendors who violate Vendor Policy will be cited with a VENDOR CITATION FORM that both the Market Manager and Vendor will sign.
  • Any vendor who receives 3 citations will be required to attend a special meeting with the Board of Directors and Market Manager to discuss any future participation at Market

+ Revocation & Dismissal

  • The Board of Directors [BOD] reserves the right to dismiss any Vendor that does not abide by the stated rules and regulations or at their discretion for any reason
  • If a Vendor wishes to reinstate their privilege of participating in the Farmers Markets after being dismissed, they may initiate discussions with the BOD or Market Manager or follow the grievance procedure detailed below

+ Grievances

  • Vendors have the right to bring before the Board of Directors [BOD] any grievance or concerns about market operations, policies, other Vendors’ compliance with market rules or issues with the Market Manager
  • The complaint must be submitted in writing via the form below
  • The BOD shall respond in writing directly to the complaint and initiate all necessary investigations and discussions needed

+ Amendments

  • All rules, policies, and regulations may be amended at any time by action of the Board of Directors
  • As soon as practical after any such amendment, the Market Manager will notify all Vendors of the nature of the amendment



+ Assignment of Rights

Vendors may not sell, transfer, trade, pledge, assign or otherwise convey their rights of membership.

+ Hold Harmless & Indemnity

By submitting a Market Vendor Application, all participants agree to hold harmless Foodshed Alliance, its officers, employees, and volunteers from any claims for damage to property or injury to persons which may arise from, or be occasioned by, any activity carried on by the Vendor or by others in Vendor's control within the Foodshed Alliance Farmers Market[s] and to indemnify Foodshed Alliance, its officers, employees, and volunteers against any claim, loss judgment, or action of any nature whatsoever that may arise from or be occasioned by any activity carried on by Vendor or others in Vendor's control within Foodshed Alliance Farmers Market[s].

+ Exceptions to Policy

You may submit a written request for exceptions to policy should your business have a unique circumstance or need something different. Request must be made and approved prior to your application and may take up to 30 days for approval. Email your request to




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We Look Forward To Working With You

Our markets are open to products that are locally-grown, harvested, gathered, made, assembled, or created. Our structure is designed to be as inclusive as possible. If you think you'd be a good fit, please apply below. 

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    • Foodshed Alliance will respond to your application in 10 days or less



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