Member-Vendor [Voting]

Member-Vendor [Voting]


Member-Vendors are welcomed and encouraged to participate in all 20 weeks of the Market season; 40 Markets total. The Member-Vendor option is designed for Vendors who would like to attend 4 Markets or more.

  • $235.00 Annual Membership Fee [$11.75 per Market, paid at time of application]
  • +5% of Gross Market Sales Fee [paid at the end of each Market]
  • Single 10 X 10 booth space at "Home Market Location" of Vendor’s choice [Buena Vista or Salida]
  • Member-Vendors are encouraged to attend both Market locations
  • Member-Vendors are invited to attend a single, Second Market Location Market free, except for +5% of Gross Market Sales Fee
  • Attend both locations more than once, for a $25 Second Market Location Annual Fee
  • Member-Vendors are promoted on the Foodshed Alliance website, social media, and other marketing materials

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