Drop-In-Vendor [Non-Voting] Per Market/Max 3 Markets

Drop-In-Vendor [Non-Voting] Per Market/Max 3 Markets


Drop-In-Vendors are welcomed to Market when space is available. The Drop-In-Vendor option is designed for Vendors who would like to attend 3 Markets or less.

  • $50 daily Drop-In-Vendor Fee
  • +15% of Gross Market Sales Fee [paid at the end of each Market]
  • Maximum of 3 Drop-In Markets per year
  • If a 4th Market is desired, a Member-Vendor Fee is required
  • Any paid Drop-In-Vendor Fees [up to $150] will be applied towards the Member-Vendor-Fee [$235 Member-Vendor Fee - $150 Maximum Drop-In-Vendor Fee = $85]

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