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We Strvie to Work TOGETHER

established in 2007

Board Meetings are open to both members and the public


Attend A Board Meeting


RSVP 7 days before the meeting date

A confirmation email will be sent confirming your request and informing you of the exact meeting location. Attendees are required to RSVP to allocate appropriate time on the agenda and also so that the meeting space we reserve is adequate for the number of participants.

Attending A Meeting

Attendees may Present or Observe

Presenting at a Meeting

Please request to be added to the agenda if you would like to speak.

*If multiple requests to be added to the agenda are submitted, priority will be given to members over non-members.

Observing a Meeting

Non Members
If you request to attend a meeting to observe, please remember that you are a guest. Non members are not permitted to participate and have no rights at the meeting.

Members in good standing who choose to observe the meeting will be permitted to join a discussion only after a motion and a second are made and when called upon.