National Farmers Market Week


Celebrate your local farmers market

August 5 th through August 11 th , 2018

Honor Your Farmers Market During National Farmers Market Week. Celebrate your local farmers market, as a vendor or patron.


Think about what farmers markets do for you and your local farmers…

They provide important outlets for food producers who meet the demand for a variety of fresh, affordable, healthful, and locally sourced products. They play a key role in developing local and regional food systems that support the sustainability of family farms, revitalize rural communities, and provide opportunities for farmers and consumers to interact.

National Farmers Market week is celebrated across the country, honoring more than 8,500 farmers markets nationwide. That’s an increase of 4,000 markets from just ten years ago! Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack, who signed the official proclamation declaring National Farmers Market Week in 2016, said,

Farmers markets are an important part of strong local and regional food systems that connect farmers with new customers and grow rural economies. In many areas, they are also expanding access to fresh, healthy food for people of all income levels. National Farmers Market Week recognizes the growth of these markets and their role in supporting both urban and rural communities
— Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack

Be a part of the movement

Celebrate your farmers, ranchers, and local food producers as well as the communities that make them happen by using #NationalFarmersMarketWeek on social media. Want to learn more?