Become a Farmers Market Vendor


Tips from the Market Manager

Have you ever considered becoming a vendor at your local farmers market?

Well… there’s no better time than now to give it a try! With more than 8,500 markets nationwide, more and more people have made a trip to the farmers market part of their regular shopping routine.

As with any farm-based venture (think of your first crop or your first herd), selling at a farmers market should be a well-thought-out, strategic part of your farm-management plan. With that being said, here are some tips from the Foodshed Alliance Market Manager that will help your first farmers market experience run as smoothly as possible.

Start Small

Test the waters. Consider attending as a drop-in vendor before committing to an entire season. Before investing in big, expensive equipment, ask for direct feedback from your customers. Explore and track what products sell better than others.


Create an Attractive & Neat Space

A neat, approachable stand is best practice for any farmers market. Consider buying a professional-looking sign with your logo and name. Invest in tablecloths and other re-usable tools to keep clutter hidden and attract people to your booth.


Build Relationships

Connect with your customers by telling them about your farm, ranch, or creative process. Go a step further by sharing photos, recipes, and growing tips. Contribute to the overall neighborly tone of the market by helping fellow vendors. Lend them change when they need it or watch their stand when they have to step away. Remember, you're all in this together.

Being a vendor at a farmers market can be incredibly fun and rewarding. Be the best vendor you can be by adopting some of these tips and staying consistent with them time and time again.

Still ready to take the plunge?